Baptist Health and Navaux, Inc. are offering a blood test that can detect the earliest stages of cancer. The test quantitatively measures the levels of certain aggressive cancer-causing proteins with a simple blood test.

Scientists at Navaux, Inc., developed a blood test using the protein Hepsin. If a tumor is present, high levels of Hepsin are likely to be detected in the blood draw. Baptist Health is the first healthcare system to offer this test to patients.

“Beginning as an Arkansas-based company, we felt that it was fitting that we partner with a well-respected, community-focused organization like Baptist Health in achieving our goal of early diagnosis and prognosis in a variety of cancers,” said Don E. Fowler, Navaux, Inc. “Our assays will be informative for physicians and affordable for Arkansans.”

For $99, the test can be ordered by a Baptist Health physician. Patients may fill out a form online to pre-register and pay for the test, including the name of the physician that is ordering the test, at Physicians may order the test through Epic or using the order form also available at

“The results of the Hepsin test have been very promising,” said Dr. Brent Staggs, director of Baptist Health’s laboratory. “It’s useful not only in detecting cancer, but also showing if the cancer is spreading throughout the body. If we see a rise in Hepsin levels we know that the cancer may be getting worse.”

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