We Are Redefining

Cancer Detection

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We Have Redefined

Cancer Detection

Watch the ACTIVH videos below to learn more.

Why Test for Active Hepsin?

Activated circulating hepsin is linked to all metastatic diseases. When activated circulating hepsin is detected, ACTIVH establishes a baseline with high accuracy to help guide the next steps to diagnosis. Using the ACTIVH test alongside existing screening tools is expected to improve early cancer detection for patients.

Don E. Fowler

President & CEO

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By accurately tracking activated circulating hepsin levels, we can create a baseline to track any health changes. ACTIVH results are the first step to efficiently triaging patients as well as bolstering incomplete family histories.


Our blood test is quick, easy, and noninvasive, making it a convenient and stress-free option for individuals looking to take proactive steps toward their health.


With ACTIVH, metastatic cancer testing is now more affordable and accessible than ever. Our blood test only costs $99, making it a cost-effective option for individuals looking to take control of their health.

Why Wait?

Make every minute of your doctor-patient visit count. We believe that finding cancer at its earliest stages offers the patient and physician the best opportunity to detect and effectively treat the disease with the fewest adverse side effects.

Finding Cancer Early
Can Improve Survival

Being able to determine that an aggressive cancer is in development before clinical symptoms arise will lead to longer survival and better quality of life for patients. In addition to the diagnostic potential of our biomarkers, they hold the real possibility of being targets for future therapies which could be more effective than current protocols while producing far fewer and less severe side effects.

Simple Implementation

Broad and Actionable

Requiring only a single blood draw, the ACTIVH test can detect over 50 types of cancer with high accuracy to guide your patients to the next step.

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