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We believe that detection of cancer at its earliest stages offer the patient and physician the best opportunity to effectively treat the disease with the fewest adverse side effects.



Navaux, Inc. was founded in 2019 with offices in Arkansas and California to research, develop and commercialize novel tests and therapies capable of detecting and treating cancers at their earliest stage.

Early detection of cancer, which affects so many families and individuals globally, could save countless lives a year. The novel antibodies were developed at Navaux, Inc. to diagnose early stage disease as well as offer opportunities for therapeutic intervention in cancer patients.

Early Cancer Detection

Being able to determine that an aggressive cancer is in development before clinical symptoms arise will lead to longer survival and better quality of life for patients. In addition to the diagnostic potential of our biomarkers, they hold the real possibility of being targets for future therapies which could be more effective than current protocols while producing far fewer and less severe side effects.

Early Cancer Detection

Response Prediction

Pathway Discovery

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