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What is ACTIVH

The ACTIVH test requires a blood draw, allowing integration into existing patient touchpoints such as an annual health check or routine blood work. ACTIVH detects activated circulating hepsin within the blood, which has been linked in over 500 clinical and preclinical studies to metastatic cancer.

Recommended Use

ActivH is an accurate method of triaging and establishing patient hepsin-level baselines.

Ordering & Results

Receive results quickly to determine further necessary screening.

Patient Cost

ACTIVH only costs $99, making it a cost-effective option for determining further screening.

Results & Next Steps

Take away the guessing game with ACTIVH early cancer detection.

When to Use ACTIVH

ActivH is effectively used to assist in triaging patients with unclear family histories and determine if further screening is necessary.

How to Use ACTIVH

From ordering tests to receiving results, Navaux expedites the metastatic disease screening process.

Order Tests

Contact Navaux to receive your ACTIVH tests

Collect Sample

Administer blood test to determine patient baseline

Receive Results

Determine further screening based on activated hepsin levels

Activated Hepsin Levels

This example test result shows hepsin levels within a suspicious range. 

Next Steps

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Activated Circulating Hepsin Detected

When activated hepsin is detected, further screening can be administered to determine the specific metastatic disease.

Activated Circulating Hepsin Not Detected

When activated hepsin is not detected, continue normal patient touch points.

Ordering Process

Elevate your triaging process today