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Krishna Bhupal

 Krishna Bhupal is a triple major from Villanova University, USA. Krishna currently serves as the mentor and Chief Executive of GVK Power & Infrastructure which runs and operates a hydro

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Dennis Stearns

Since 2007, Mr. Stearns has been a private investor.  His investing activity has included a number of diverse companies, with a primary focus on commercial real estate.  He has invested

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Amit Vohra

Dr. Amit Vohra is a serial entrepreneur, business strategist and advisor to several healthcare and technology startups. Amit is Co-Founder, CEO and President of Promaxo, a medical technology company that

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Don E. Fowler

Don E. Fowler is the President and CEO of Navaux.  He has a Bachelor of Economics from Arkansas State University.  He brings over 25 years of sales/sales management in the

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